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Thanks, got my Santer's Cold Fusion CD today.

Bought the new Van Halen but the Santer's hit the CD player first.

Thanks again.

Dan Frederickson - Canada

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Melodic Metal With Some Killer Guitar...
By "The Woj" 
Format:Audio CD
I had read about Santers from the long out of print, bible of metal, Martin Popoff's "Collector's Guider To Heavy Metal". The band's individual cd albums are almost impossible to find, so I picked up "Cold Fusion" here on Amazon's zShops. Wow, what a great compilation album! The music here rocks in a "melodic" heavy metal vain similar to bands like Y&T, Vandenberg and even a touch of Sammy Hagar era Van Halen. Santers' melodies & song structures also brought to mind songs like Journey's "Wheel In The Sky" (I know, I know....but "Wheel In The Sky" is/was arguably one of the heaviest songs ie closest thing to hard rock/metal Journey ever produced). Last but not least is the lead guitar playing of Rick Santers. While the songs would technically be considered "melodic heavy metal", the guitar work is just flat-out metal with a bit of a NWOBHM edge. Rick Santers' guitar playing is very similar to Dave Meniketti's playing with Y&T (albums like "Mean Streak" & "Black Tiger") with a little bit of the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, thrown in on the more rocking tracks. I also hear a tinge of fellow Canucks Pat Traver, Randy Bachman & Kim Mitchell too. Extra-tasty guitar licks indeed and not just a boring shredfest.

I purchased this album with a deaf ear to any of Santers music, I know find myself searching out those hard to find individual releases. If you're a fan of any of the bands mentioned above, or just a fan of metal, period...I strongly recommend checking this cd out.

Hello Santers,

I have been a fan since the

I just want to say thank you for your music over the years, truly inspiring. Great Tone on the Guitar. Rock On! God Bless and good luck in the future.
Ed W. Pittsburgh, PA

I have been a fan since the 80's. Santers is one of my all-time favorite bands and jam along with the music on my guitar and drums and still influences my own original music heavily. Thanks for all the enjoyment through the years. Its good to know you're back!

I saw that Rik Emmett produced guitar alley and bought it on the spot without ever having heard of the band. The guys looked cool and brother bands are always great (my bro and i jam). I bought every Santers album I could get but never found "Mayday". I would like a recording of it. The triumph tour that Rick jammed in was the best sounding triumph concert I had seen/heard. (I've been to five). Lucky man. i know triumph wont be re-grouping any time soon so I'm glad Santers is getting together again as I've enjoyed their music ever since that first drumbeat of LOA. Awesome sound and writing. Great songs and musicianship. Underrated and exceptional. Triumph, Rush, April Wine and Santers! Canada fucking rocks!

Thanks from Jeff in the USA.


Hi there, 
I was looking for SANTERS LP long years but I can't find LPs and I give up.When I went to CD shop, I
find SANTERS JAPAN CD BOX !! (1998) I became late, get CD yesterday !! 2001. I bought CD BOX
sooner!! I said WOW !!!! I listened 1st CD and 2nd CD first time. I surprised music, recorded in
1981&1982. ( I was 9 years old.) I think,I didn't feel 80's age sounds. I amaze merodic Guitar sounds !!!
Great Heavy Rock !! I like 1st & 2nd albums !! Lucky,I listen 4th CD,Great great great !!!! and I can
send e-mail !!! I love SANTERS.I cheer from JAPAN !! I always listen CDs !!! I enjoy SANTERS music !!
If you read my letter,Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I f I could chance to listen New release CD in
here. I will roam to CD shops in Tokyo !! And drink....haha 
Best Wishes, 

Tsuyoshi Watanabe - Japan 

Hi to the Santers band. 

I have been a Santers music lover for the longest while (listening to the records in high school). I then had cassette tapes which were stolen in a house break-in long ago. I couldn't find any Santers in record stores that I went to, so when I got to surf on a friends computer and saw the box set, I purchased it and my family and I were in Santers heaven. 

Tim Motuz - Canada


Thanks a million for the Santers IV Box Set I ordered and recently received. It is truly a work of art! Ever since I got the "Guitar Alley" album back when it first made its way down to Phoenix, it has been on my all time Top Ten List for production, songwriting, performance and general overall sound and feel. It's great to finally hear it come alive on compact disc! Thanks for listening. Best wishes, 

Keith Entringer - USA

Hello, Happy New Year and God Bless Canadian Rock and Roll, 

I can't tell you how happy I was when I recently discovered that there was a Santers 4 CD box set out there. I found it at Tower Records in the States and immediately ordered it. (I figured I was getting screwed on the deal because of the US $ but I certainly didn't care!) I listened to Top Secrecy and was immediately sent back in time to when we used to see the boys play around the Golden Horsehoe area. I haven't been that pumped/happy/exited in along time. Then from that, I find out about Dandelion and that Rick has a solo album and that you are booking 2001 tour dates. It seems like our prayers are being answered. My buddy and I are now both married, have kids, are professionals but we still rock in our hearts and live for the great music of our past and not all these new crap artists that are out there today. We've been waiting for your guys a long time. ... The bass solo on Time After Time still rocks my world. (Wait to go Rick Laz)... I hope you guys realize you have alot of fans out here waiting to see you again. Take care. Hope to hear from you.

Joe Babic - Canada


*****Rock Canadian style - eh? 

All four discs on this box set are awesome. Although most of the tunes are over 10 - 15 years old they
definitely will stand the test of time. 
From "Shot Down in Flames" (a tribute to Bon Scott) to the progressive mid-80's riffs of Baby Blue to a
complimentary job of Free's "All Right Now" this box set really shows that Canada can rock! 
I can't wait and hope that the rumours are true and that the band is thinking of reuniting.

DougY - Canada


*****THE Santers discography!! 

You can't get any better than this!! They're first 3 albums plus the unreleased 4th album "Top 
Secrecy" in 1 box set. Underrated melodic rock from Canada's Santers. 

A music fan from Bermuda


***** Very well done 

Nice to finally retire the vinyl. I have always been a huge fan of Santers. Enjoyed the bio/history writeup inside. Chord progression is mentioned there, and I think that's the most unique thing about  the Santers sound. "hey that's neat, he grabbed that chord instead of what would be expected in a rock tune" Aside from "Under the Bridge", I was a bit disappointed with some of the unreleased bonus tracks, would rather of had more of the Mayday Live show...but hey, it's Santers! and it's cool.

hystat - Canada


I wanted to thank Rick for giving me the opportunity to meet him some years ago at Sonic Temple on Yonge. Eric Wilson introduced Rick to me and Rick was kind enough to sign some Santers albums I have collected through the years along with his solo cd and the German dual CD release. Cold Fusion is amazing by the way.... A great collection of tunes. Thanks for keeping your music alive and for a new cd in 2001!  It's well appreciated. 

Mike Mitchell - Canada

Forgot how much I enjoyed listening to the 3 originals, Top Secrecy and ReViTaLiZe are very
welcome additions. 
Top marks for the remastering as well. The cd versions bring out a lot of dynamics that were lost in
my vinyl recordings. Also looking forward to your future endevours with the band. 
Thanks again and best regards. 

John Stevens - Bermuda


SANTERS - Cold Fusion 
Got my CD in the mail today. A terrific CD to add to my collection. Thanks very much. 

Jim Fahey - Canada


You ROCK! The site looks great!! and sounds great!! I was showing you off to my office mate who knows your band - how cool is that - 

Carmen Jarzabek - Canada


i wish i saw this earlier but did not know of your site to order it...ive liked santers since the first time i heard them....i hope they do come out with another disc because the newest one they have called "Top Secrecy is awesome!!!.....well enough of me....just want to say thanks for responding to my mail.....

mmusicman1 - USA










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