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In the spirit of rock ‘n roll SANTERS delivers. Sleek, fast and loud. Hard hitting - hard rock. Before Nickleback were considered mainstream rock, SANTERS paved the way forging together their melodic and progressive creations. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario this Canadian trio packs a heavy musical punch. Underrated, and under the radar, SANTERS’ music has been described by Martin Popoff as “an emotional jewel which pulsed and pumped insidiously to the depths of my brain in successful carving of a permanent home”.

From the basements of suburban Toronto to international stages SANTERS began with classically trained brothers Rick Santers (lead vocals, guitars, keys) and Mark Santers (drums and vocals). They soon joined forces with jazz influenced bassist Rick Lazaroff in 1979 and set their sights high. Their talents were first recognized when they won a contest sponsored by Toronto rock radio station Q107. Soon afterward, in 1981, their debut album Shot Down In Flames burst onto the international scene garnering numerous international releases. Although Rick Santers was invited by Kiss to audition as a replacement for guitarist Ace Frehley, he chose to persevere with his fledgling band to develop the SANTERS sound. SANTERS kept increasing its momentum through a steady stream of hard rock gems including Mayday (EP 1982), Racing Time (1982), Guitar Alley (1984), Top Secrecy (1986).

SANTERS albums continue to be released in countries around the world and The Definitive Remasters collection is currently being made available through iTunes, Spotify and other download providers. “Can’t Shake You” the video and single, received rotation on over 200 Rock Radio and TV stations across North America. SANTERS remake of Free's classic "All Right Now" found its way into the Top 40 and reached lucky #13 in Toronto. The demand for SANTERS on CD was first realized in Germany on 1st Shot and 2nd Shot in 1995 on Long Island Records. In 1998 SANTERS experienced another incredible resurgence with the release of SANTERS lV - The Box Set on Avex Records in Japan. This rare collection of original masters featured the band’s three full length studio albums plus unreleased bonus tracks. Also included was the band’s archived and never before heard fourth album Top Secrecy. In 1999, Top Secrecy was also released in Germany on Point Music/AOR Heaven. Dandelion Records, the band’s own record label, has sold out of its limited release of Cold Fusion - Best of.

The SANTERS concert calendar brings them regularly through Canada, the U.S.A. and Europe. The band is renowned for its exciting, high energy live shows and extensive touring has led the way to headline performances. SANTERS has joined forces and performed concerts along with Ozzy Ozbourne, Blue Oyster Cult, Rick Derringer, Triumph, Johnny Winter, Golden Earing, Ratt, Accept and Kim Mitchell.











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